Clash....The Sequel to Crash...coming out in September:)

Crush (Clash book 3) by Nicole Williams

Crash (1) - Nicole Williams

Clash by Nicole Williams

One Tiny Lie by K.A. Tucker | Ten Tiny Breaths, BK#2 | Publisher: Atria Books | Publication Date: June 11, 2013 | | Contemporary Romance / New Adult

Love!!! ~MSW~

What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days: 52 Encouraging Truths to Hold On To - by Holley Gerth

If I Stay - sounds good.

The Distance Between Us by Kasie West | Harper Teen | Publication Date: July 2, 2013 | | #YA Contemporary

Stupid Girl by Cindy Miles | Release Date: May 13, 2014 | | Contemporary Romance / New Adult

Until You | Penelope Douglas | Fally Away #1.5 | Nov 2013 | | #newadult #romance

A really cool site - enter the name of a book you like and it will generate recommendations for other books!

Books every woman in her mid-20s should read.

Loved this book about a german woman during the Holocaust. I couldn't put it down...although it was fiction, it very well could have been true.

i've made book store employees search for copies of books with the original covers on more than one occasion.... books with movie covers are my pet peeve.

The Edge of Always by J.A. Redmerski | The Edge of Never, BK#2 | Release Date: November 5, 2013 | | Contemporary Romance / New Adult I read The Edge of Never so this is on my list of next to read!!!!

The Hunger Games <3

The Shack

I've only just started on the whole book reading thing, but I've done it about 4 times now in the one book.......

When by Victoria Laurie__Expected publication: January 13th 2015

Can not wait for this one! Coming Soon