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I love this concept of "showing what you know!" "You don't really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother." - Albert Einstein Show_What_You_Know.png

A Simple Guide To 4 Complex Learning Theories

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25 Ways to Develop 21st Century Thinkers | Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

A Bloom's of edtech tools

Two Wonderful Visual Lists of Educational iPad Apps for Teachers and Students ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

The Importance Of Technology In Education Infographic presents 5 benefits of technology in education. #edtech #elearning #education

50 Google Doc Tips Every Teacher Should Know. My thought, Choose 3 and try them, then try 3 more, then, 3 more...

Google Search Commands Shortcuts

ed tech - Great guide to share with teachers (and parents) about the "trendy" terms that are being shared throughout schools.

Teaching Trends

Primary Junction: Cracking The Code: QR Code Cheat Sheet

12 Ways To Integrate (Not Just Use) Technology In Education

Homework Alternatives and more on this blog. It's collaborative with tips on everything from classroom management to authentic assessments.


A New Wonderful Wheel on SAMR and Blooms Digital Taxonomy ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

50 Indispensable EdTech Tools for 2012

30 Simple Ways You Should Be Using Google. So useful! I am always forgetting how much google can actually do. For those days when I'm in a hurry or don't feel like sifting through the web to find a new tool, I'll just use google for the basics. And the neat thing is that I know it is a safe resource to introduce to my students as well.

Shift_Learning: The 7 Most Powerful Idea Shifts In Learning Today

Teacher's Guide to The Use of Blooms Taxonomy in The Classroom ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning