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I love having two kids and expanding our family was the best thing we ever decided to do!! Love having a newborn around again!

"Every little boy should have two things: a puppy, and a mother willing to let him have one." ♥ #Dog #Canine #Best_friend #Pet

Frank Pekar ~ Les Enfants de la Republique Tchecoslovaque, ca. 1935-1938 Children of Czech Republic

Telling my Girls how I thought this Telephone booth was a good idea and they asked " What is a telephone booth?" strange to think that they will never know what that is

beautiful children of God. | It feels good, very good, when we pray. Seeing someone pray makes us ...

Creekside Photoshoot (Hula Hoop Photography) | Love the newspaper hat, rolled up jeans and the goldfish in a jar!