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This goes along the lines of "anyone can want you" but but takes time years struggle to understand and truly know you. You're more then a possession, something to have you're a journey that never ends an evolving world of emotions and mystery.

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12 Perfect GIFs To Keep You Relaxed & Soothe Your Spirit

Adam J. Kurtz, a talented graphic designer and artist based in NY, has created a series of GIFs that are perfect for calming you down after a long day's work or

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Actually, I can do everything you said I couldn't, be everything you said I wouldn't. I will break through those negative opinions and continue making my life amazing!! #IhavealwaysdoneitallandIwillalwaysdoitall

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Life quotes

Showing my true, real self is hard. Bullied, teased, made fun of for who you really were is hard to come from. That's why people put up walls, barriers, masks, to hide behind. They're afraid that people will do it again, just like the people before.