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  • Anna Lin-Campbell

    Sour Sop, aka Guanabana. AMAZING!! My favorite fruit ever!! You gotta try it, it's sour and sweet!!

  • Barbara Lucia

    Sour Sop, aka Guanabana. A relative of the sweet sop, but bigger, with a prickly skin. The flesh is similar - white and pulpy, but a bit coarser than that of the sweet sop, and not really sour. Sour sop is usually made into a drink, with milk or lime juice. The leaves are used to make a tea to treat hypertension, fever and colds.

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Spanish Lime/Genip/Quenepa (Melicoccus bijugatus). The Spanish Lime is a very close relative of the Lychee and Longan. The pulp is tart and melting, and it clings tenaciously to the seeds.

sour cherries...I had a big tree in my backyard. It was fun to hide up there or talk with friends

Sweet Sop - Eating a sweet sop takes a fair bit of navigation to remove the sweet white pulp from the multitude of black seeds inside every fruit. The appearance of the fruit is what Jamaicans would describe as "bumpy-bumpy" - it has many grooves marking out distinct segments on its skin. When the sweet sop is ripe its skin remains green, but the fruit becomes soft and is easily split open. It bears from April to July, and at odd times throughout the year.

PR Fruits...."Quenepas" I used to gulp these down like there was no tomorrow.Sounds like Kah-nay-pay. Bite the lime looking thing and suck out the seed which is covered in pulp which you then suck from the seed. A little bit sour but Delicious!!!

♂ Still life, food styling, healthy eating Green Limes by Delicious Shots

I love kaki/persimmons, I love mochi, this is a perfect picture. Japanese sweets, Kaki mochi (persimmon mochi)

always present in my fridge... so many things to use it for...

Lime juice plus water microwave until boiling and it will loosen all the food gunk. Tried this today worked like a charm