Gloria Swanson by Richard Avedon

Shirley MacLaine. Born Shirley MacLean Beaty, April 24, 1934 (age 81) Richmond, Virginia, U.S.Performance and movement. This image shows the model is clearly used to being in front of the camera as her facial expression is quite relaxed.

Richard Avedon: Gloria Swanson, 1980

I repeat - Richard Avedon is brilliant. william casby by richard avedon

Jeanne Moreau by David Bailey (1964)


Richard Avedon

Bette Davis

Mia Farrow by Richard Avedon

Richard Avedon's studio...

Goldie Hawn by Richard Avedon, 1975

james dean

Gloria Swanson

Juliette Binoche, 1995 (Richard Avedon)

Gloria Swanson in Sadie Thompson (1928)

Jean Shrimpton photographed by Richard Avedon.

Tilda Swinton

Isabelle Adjani by Richard Avedon.

Deneuve by Jeanloup Sieff

by Richard Avedon