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  • Foothills Composite High School

    Video Editing: Guy re-edits Toy Story 3 with a depressing ending, convinces his mom it’s the real thing

  • Fa Mulan

    ALMOST?!?! 100 weeping angels had nothing against my weeping.----I was sobbing in the movie theater!!!! no shame in it either! people looked at me and I didn't care! Too many memories are wrapped to these characters!

  • The Merc Knight H-k

    (Day 18) Ok so the incinerator scene in Toy Story 3 made me cry intensely, but I'm counting it as my maddest because this movie messed with my FEEELS!!! I GREW UP with these characters over the years, it's hard NOT to relate to being Andy and then THIS...THIS!!! On principal alone NOT OK, but kudos for continuing a series and NOT ruining it for those who grew up with Woody and company! (But they ALMOST did...)

  • Diane Landfried

    Kids movies should not make you cry!!!

  • Sara Prech

    Toy story 3 - I totally cried!!

  • Rebecca Banducci

    well, who wouldn't cry? Some of your most beloved childhood Disney characters were about to DIE IN A FIERY HELL PIT!!!!!

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