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  • Amy Metcalf

    One Haute Kid: Art

  • Katie

    Giclee art piece made from old map print. By artist Sofia Fox.

  • Karen Homen

    Sofia fox art

  • tex norman

    Artist Sofia Fox. If you were a weenie dog you too might prefer a portrait that does not emphasize your weenie/

  • Amanda Campos

    've seen this before in a kid's room I've babysat for, but i'd put it anywhere.

  • Emily Brandjes

    dachshund art.


    Artist Sofia Fox. Selected by artist Stephen Kline for an ongoing exhibition of Pinterest dog art.

  • Debi Kittle

    Maybe use colored tissue paper .........The Long and Short of it All: A Dachshund Dog News Magazine: Shopping With Dachshunds For Dachshunds

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