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10 Legendary Monsters of North America: Part Two

Legendary monsters live wherever there are people to tell the tales to -including North America, where there are many more than will fit into one post. This is part two of a list that began last week. And there are plenty more scary tales to tell! 1.

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Most Terrifying Locations On Earth The Screaming Bridge At least 36 people were reported dead on or around the Maud Hughes Road Bridge. Ghostly figures, mists, and lights have been seen, as well as black hooded figures and a phantom train. According to the legend, a man and woman were held up on top of the bridge while travelling on a car. At first the man got out to get help to save the woman but she died, later the man also died...

Bury me deep inside your heart by Thiago R. Caetano, via Flickr

The Banshee, from the Irish “bean sí” (“woman of the síde” or “woman of the fairy mounds”) is a female spirit in Irish folklore, usually seen as a harbinger of death, as well as a messenger from the Otherworld. In Irish legend, a banshee is a fairy woman who begins to wail if someone is about to die.

The legend of Bloody Mary is said to be biased upon a woman named Mary Worthington(or Worth) whose husband killed her in front of a mirror and gouged her eyes out. Saying Bloody Mary in front of a mirror three times is supposed to summon her where she seeks revenge for her death on the person who called her name.

The Mermaid of Zennor, originally a pew-end, stands in the small chapel on the right hand side of the church. It is reputed to be five or six hundred years old. According to a local legend, the mermaid came up the stream from the sea to listen to the beautiful singing of a chorister named Matthew Trewella. She enticed him down to the beach and into the sea, and he was never seen again. For many years after his voice could be heard in Pendour Cove as he sang to his merm...

A mysterious creature roams Chickamauga Battlefield every night. Click this pin to read the "Green Eyes" legend...

Myths and Legends – From, the official gateway site to Scotland

According to legend, this is the grave of a warlock. His head is burried either between his legs or in the stone at the top, and if reunited with his body, he'll come back to life. Rehobeth-Ridge Road Cemetery New Philadelphia, Ohio

The Baby Faced Asylum Tombstone Near the center of Cedar Hill Cemetery is a large tombstone with a 3-D image of a baby's face carved on it. According to legend, if you stare at the baby's face for a while and then turn away, when you look back at the tombstone, the baby will be looking in a different direction. So make sure you take one last glance over your shoulder when you're walking away from this tombstone. Because you never know who, or what, might be watching you.

The Golden Lion public house on Moor Lane in Lancaster is reputed to be where the condemned were allowed to partake of a final drink before being publicly hanged on the moors above the town. Local legend tells of the spirit of a nun, who provided succour to the poor victims, who still walks the premises and further stories tell of a secret tunnel existing somewhere in the cellar. Do the spirits of the infamous Lancashire Witches still return to haunt this place?

Jay's Grave, Dartmoor Devon. Little is known about the woman buried here, though according to legend she was an 18th century workhouse orphan who was scorned by her lover. After committing suicide she was buried with a stake through her heart. In 1860 she was reburied and in years afterwards flowers would appear, though there were never any prints in the snow on or around the grave. In recent years there have been several reports of a footless apparition that floats around the grave of Kitty Jay