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La Lechuza is a creature out of Mexico and Texas. The legend is of a human-sized bird with a woman's face who lures victims to her by cooing and crying like a baby. She'll capture them and take them to her nest where she eats them at her leisure. In some tellings the creature came from a woman who practiced black magic before being killed by neighbors for her evil practices, while other tellings state that La Lechuza is a woman during the day but witchcraft turns her into an owl at night.

Two women with a spirit The face of a young woman appears over the woman on the right of the photograph. The reverse of the photograph reads: 'Why is the child always pushing to the front?' and 'Do we get messages from the higher spirits?'; perhaps questions the women wanted answering. One of the sitters, at Hope's request, has signed the plate for authentication. Collection of National Media Museum

This is another mix of goat and a human with a terribly deformed body. This creature has goat legs covered in fur, alabaster skin face, wide eyes and aquiline nose. It has horns and long greasy hair. There have been a large amount of sightings that match this description and various different reports of how it claims its victims. It is said that this creature uses hypnosis or voice-mimicry to lure the victims into its traps. Others just say that this monster jumps on the roofs of passing…