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    World War II: After the War - Red Army photographer Yevgeny Khaldei (center) in Berlin with Soviet forces, near the Brandenburg Gate in May of 1945. (

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Alfred Eisenstaedt fotografió ‘V-J Day in Times Square’, en 1945. Es la foto del marinero que besa a una enfermera en Times Square el día de la victoria de las fuerzas aliadas durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial

Tropas soviéticas, Segunda Guerra Mundial

During World War II, Josephine Baker served with the French Red Cross and was an active member of the French resistance movement. Using her career as a cover Baker became an intelligence agent, carrying secret messages written in invisible ink on her sheet music. She was awarded honor of the Croix de Guerre, and received a Medal of the Resistance in 1946.

Futbol callejero en plena Segunda Guerra Mundial fotografia tomada por Bert Hardy

The last kiss, a picture from World War II…this is beautiful/heartbreaking

Paratroopers over Moscow, 1940’s. Yakov Rumkin

“Battle of Britain. Children in an English bomb shelter.” - England, 1940-41 From British Information Service/U.S. Office of War Information

Postcard photo of a WWI Scottish Regiment soldier no doubt taken for his family. Thousands of such photos were produced but regrettably few bear any identification. He is wearing a cover over the kilt.

A postman emptying the pillar box the morning after a heavy bombing raid in London. Circa 1940-41.

During World War II, Russian soldiers were trained to dig their trenches narrow and deep so the weight of a tank or other vehicle passing over would not collapse the dirt in on them burying them alive ...