"Every man needs a woman when his life is a mess, because just like in a game of chess; the queen protects the king." // thinking it would be epic to get a queen chess piece tattoo on me and there be a king chess piece tattooed on him <3 it doesn't hurt that we love playing chess together!

King and queen chess pieces tattoos

Chess piece tattoo Matching tattoo Queen and king

Skull tattoo

tattoos <3

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King and Queen couples tattoo.. Love. Follow! Pinterest: @ cheyennekennedy

Everyone Should live life like this Xx

Tattoo #inked woman

King and Queen Couple Tattoos, except on ring finger!!

king and queen chess piece tattoo

No words for this phenomenal hand piece Nic Westfall

I do like this idea for a couple tattoo. Diff location, and probably smaller but still. the King & his Queen always make it through <3

Couples tattoos! King & queen crown with quote. Couple tattoo idea

Her King, His Queen

Her King, His Queen ♡

King and Queen ... I really want to talk Matt into these with the roman numerals for 42

King and Queen tattoo for couples

Couple tattoos. King & Queen.

sister tattoo.

King and Queen tattoos...this is cute af