The Raven and the Cat by *jerry8448

BATS IN THE BELLFRY by The art of Joanna Nelson. Joanna Nelson Studio on FB. #blackcat #joannanelson #halloween #bats

Epic Funny Cats 20 Minutes - - "cute pets" "funny animals" cat dog cats dogs puppy pupies kittens "cute kitten" "i are cute kitten" "funny cat" funny animals "funny puppy" "funny dog" pets... -

Black cat & books. © Lisa Parker (Artist. UK) via her site. Also at: Halloween image.


Tuna & Chip


Familiars. This would be a beautiful HAED or Mystic Stitch chart!

I chose this picture for a pet I wish I had. It makes me sad how most people look at crows at dangerous and scary. Crows are very intelligent, and very loyal. They never forget a face or voice. I chose the picture because it kinda chimes into my love for space and the night, and the art feel to it.

elf rogue

I like him #crow #art

Cat and a raven

white cat

Cheshire cat. always a favourite. The mask he portrays, a cat in the mist of the world.

Sam Wolfe Connelly - "The Docks"


Witch Library

Black Cat Greeting Card by Lisa Parker - Witching Hour Triquetra Kitty Magick card

Victorian Odin