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so deep its scary beautiful. helena carter bonham

love Helena Bonham Carter

Day 20 part 1. I'd love to meet Helena Bonham Carter, what a fascinating woman. I'd have a thousand questions to ask her.

Helena Bonham Carter

Helena Bonham Carter. ☚ Wonderful actress ''If you are a queen you are powerless, So I'd probably demote myself and go shopping''

Helena Bonham Carter. I've thought she was beautiful since "Room With A View". Now people can't look past her kooky fashion. I still love her endless talent, beauty and no-bull personality.

The lovely Helena Bonham Carter

Helena b. Carter: Lovely in Room with a View. An equally scary witch. See her so young in Hazard of Hearts, she can break your heart, so sweet a face,

Lizzie as played by Helena Bonham Carter. The day before their wedding her parents tell her they lost all her money and that she's a fat little nobody. When she tells Con, he admits that he doesn't truly love her, either. She hits him over the head with a champagne bottle and runs off.