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The famed Eiffel Tower who's architect was Stephen Sauvestre + structural engineers Maurice Koechlin + Émile Nouguier.

Paris, France | | Intern, Volunteer, Teach, Study Abroad! | Make your dreams a reality.

OMG, this creeps me out (and it is just a picture and not me standing there).

Eiffel Tower during Chinese New Year 2004 - ©Caroline Lewis -

Paris. I want to climb the stairs of the Eiffel tower until I am forbidden to go any further. I want to eat cheese and drink wine because that is the stereotype of the frenchies. I want to draw a mustache on my index finger and put that finger above my lip so I look like a suave Frenchman. I want to walk the streets at night with the golden lights to guide my way. Paris. One magical day.

Foggy Eiffel Tower - Paris, France

Parisian romance...the lights sparkle like Hearts On Fire diamonds #love

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