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I'm not one for cute pics but somethimes the heart strings are pulled and you can't resist an 'ah'

It scares me how much I love cats... because I really wouldn't mind becoming the old cat lady. Which I think confirms that I will.

It looks like cats will sleep on books anywhere! Not just the ones you are trying to study from...

Where's my cat gone? Oh - there she is - making paper hearts out of book pages again. Curious.

This is my favorite colors of kittens

Im not sure if this photo is suppose to be about the pillow or the cat. I chose to see the cat and its so friggin cute! / Scandinavian photographers and Danish photographic studio

^. .^ ...omg....this guy is a ham indeed! hugggieee!!! Thanks so much for adding so many pics to my animal lovers page! I really do appreciate it. thanks for sharing. It all Blends so so beautifully too! Rock on girlfriend n god bless!! aloha....

I just hope that I finish this before my nine lives run out.

Vintage Fox Terrier - A sweet little chap to having looking over you during the night