A composite rendering of my "stone wing" underground home concept in the texas hill country

Underground Homes

Underground House Concept : Curvy : The Sketchbox | An underground home project

an amazing water feature in an earthship-style underground home

27 Absolutely Stunning Underground Homes. I want to live in a cave.

Villa Vals: An underground home in the Alps

27 Absolutely Stunning Underground Homes: 27 Absolutely Stunning Underground Homes photo 25. Cave Home Troo France

A great view of one of the more famous hobbit-style underground homes

I just want to explore... how far back into the hill does it go? Is there a lower level? What kinds of creatures live here?

These underground homes will get you thinking about alternative ways of living: http://theownerbuildernetwork.co/lj5j

a terradome form underground home - with a beautiful stone facade and floor-to-ceiling glass windows on the front

A palatial underground home in paraguay

The eclectic country house of Ursula Mascaro in Menorca, Spain

A very angular, modernist underground home built using the Terra-Dome form system

Tiny Hobbit House Floor Plan http://www.tinyhousedesign.com/2009/01/30/garys-hobbit-house/

Festus, MO? Incredible house built in 15,000 sq ft cave - three freshwater springs, 14 waterfalls, and tons o' awesomeness

The houses from the Hobbiton scenes of the Lord of the Rings

traditional rural thatched house

earth-sheltered housing

Meadowbrook Home Design

$50 and Up Underground House Book – Underground Housing and Shelter