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    Solar Chimney: Awesome free-energy design to cool any building for little $$. ~Today is awful hot.... mark arbo~

    Between two rooms or on an inside wall is the best placement for a single story home. At the stair base for a two story - for the stairs to wrap around it. Can have a wood burning baking oven on the other side of it. or warming 'oven' alcove built in to it the way it is. Would be great between tub and bed, or kitchen and den - sunny window, heated bench, warm blanket, book ... NAP TIME!

    I love to cook with the fresh produce my family grows, but I also love to plan out canning recipes and ideas so we can enjoy homegrown food all year long!

    brick cook stove | ... and firebox door; tile veneer. Note the marble border on stove top

    Chain saw mill to get slabs from logs. Good for small volume and salvaging urban lumber.

    DIY complete instructions to build this amazing smokehouse...

    A hydroelectric generator barrel is a spinning water wheel that floats on the water surface and turns in the current. The spinning motion drives permanent magnet generators inside. It could generate enough power to light banks of LEDs and light up bridges, buoys, or even charge mobile devices in off-grid areas.

    beautiful root cellar

    rocket mass heater plus oven

    Pretty! If you ever do this, get Falconsong to make the window? Her work is worth ALLLLLLL of the dollars!

    How To Build An In The Wall Space Saving Dresser |

    The burdei dates back as far as 6000 years and it’s a type of half-dugout shelter somewhat between a sod house and a log cabin, usually with a floor that’s 1 – 1.5 meters under ground level.

    round house plans | site aboud domes but some realy interesting round home designs

    This is a wonderful rocket mass stove by Juured in Estonia. Rocket stoves have very efficient combustion, where the furnace temperature ranges from about 1000C up to 1100C. This type of stove, with a cob bench that carries the heat from the stove through pipes, takes 3-4 people about 3-4 days to build. Follow the picture back to to see more...

    Cob house with attached greenhouse = LOVE!!

    Build Your Own Add-On Greenhouse DIY Project... It's a snap to design and build your own attractive conservatory from low-cost new and salvaged materials.

    ~*~LOVE IT~*~ COB ROCKET STOVES TO COOK AND HEAT WITH | the rocket stove was originally designed for cooking where a ...

    Perfect Ambiance For Reading

    SoloPower rolls out flexible rooftop solar panels - CNET..j

    earthen oven in Africa This is awesome. The whole thing


    Barefoot Parks and Sensation Paths - Playscapes (I love the idea of having such a path in my garden! Growing up in Germany, I remember a few parks that had them - such a joy!)

    cob house interior