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Turquoise Shutters - I loved this so much I had fluer de lis shutters painted this color for the side entrance

Rooster in Paris. Door knocker to old farm house!! awwwwwesome!!!!! (bottom of the round brass pull is uncovered so it will bang against the rooster's feet!!

Old Keys by Dorian Susan, via Flickr

old strainer...Reminds me of the little place we stayed at in France.The owners had used one as a wall light.Looked great.

keys---there were a few keys lying around our farm. Nothing and I mean nothing was ever locked or had to be locked. Oh those were the days. The neighbors would borrow something and you can rest assured that you would have it back in the next day or so. A hand shake was as good as a written contract---if truth is to be known--it was probably better than most contracts today.

I'm taken with the idea of fitting together like a lock and key as a theme...

rusty keys Annika Miller This reminds me of when you searched for these keys in herman. Love you!

Love old hardware, cold connection, layers. Eusechons have always been a favorite design element of Mimi-Toria's Designs.

I actually dragged a piece of door out of the trash that looks a great deal like the one in the photo

Panel 3 detail by constancetaylor, via Flickr