Hide a thermostat

DIY Faux Wood Garage Door Tutorial by Prodigal Pieces www.prodigalpieces.com #prodigalpieces

4'x8' foam insulation boards from Home Depot covered in fabric. Love this idea!

Shutters for covering sliding glass doors I like this so much better than vertical blinds!!

baskets in a crate

canvas with hinges to hide alarm / air-con panel

Nerd pro-tip: Put a power strip in the top drawer of your nightstand to charge/organize/hide your electronics.

So much storage!!!

beautiful hide-away bath

arbor added to the garage door.

A make-up table so you can hide your mess when youre done.

idea to cover those ugly vents

bedroom tv

Family tree for family photos.

Never again forget your room's paint color choice! On the inside of your light switch or outlet cover, using a permanent marker, just write the paint brand, color name, swatch number on a piece of painter's tape for quick reference. If needed, add the date you did your room makeover. Change the room color? Change the info tape! You can even add a touch of the actual paint in case you need to take it to the paint store to get a color match.

My framed thermostat...$5 Ikea frame!

garage storage idea

31 ways to add character to your home--this site is amazing!

Dishwasher covered in ceiling tiles. What a great idea!

coat hangars