In Lieu of Preschool: 125+ Ways to Practice Making Letters

Name Practice and Handwriting Papers for Preschool

Alphabet Squish. I love this idea! Sensory activity that can be used not only for letter recognition but making the sound of the letter as they squish it. Another awesome idea from Jenae at I Can Teach My Child.

letter of the week preschool craft B is for butterfly (butterfly template included as well as a list of B books to read)

Q-tip letter tracing with paint

Doing either homeschooling or wanting to do a few extra things with your preschooler in addition to their preschool day this collection of preschool printables is just for you!

Preschool Printing Practice


K is for Kindergarten

Learning to write: Creating letters with loose parts {from Adventures in Kindergarten: Discovery Time}

Number practice (or letter practice.)

letter match

10 FUN Ways for Kids to Practice Writing Letters!

Learn with Play at home: Invitation to Play and Learn with Playdough and Magnetic Letters. Toddler and Preschool Activity

Use to make first letter of name?

8 Fun Ways for Preschoolers to Practice Fine Motor Skills | Imagine Toys Blog

Spelling Practice for Kinesthetic Learners

Word Work