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Creative Crafts to Make with Old Magazines

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Water Lily Lamp by Roselover 2 This beautiful thing is $7 in her shop, made of recycled milk cartons, and.. well geez, what more could you want!? Be friendly to the environment, go support her upcycling efforts, and put this as a nightlight in your kid's room or somehing. So pretty :) Go look, that's a link!

Bright and colorful round wall art- made from recycled magazines, colorful, unique 12 inch circle

This piece has an extraordinary texture created from recycled magazines and it's so cute! This round wall art is a really unique way to add color and

Clock wall art, made from recycled magazines, colorful, unique, blue, green, red, purple, pink, yellow, orange

What a cool clock! The outside is made from recycled magazines (what a lot of work), by colorstorydesigns on Etsy