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<strong>***Please note: This freebie is part of a larger bundle. If you are looking for math assessments for ALL 26 Common Core standards for 3rd Grade math, then please use the following link:</strong> <a href="">Common Core Math Assessments for 3rd Grade - ALL STANDARDS</a> <strong>This freebie contains 4 assessments for the following Common Core Standards: 3.NF.1</strong…

Math Assessments for EVERY Third Grade Common Core Standard CCSS

Math Assessments for EVERY Grade Common Core Standard - Quick and Easy to Use Teaching the new Common Core State Standards isn't exactly easy and assessing can be an even bigger challenge! In attempts to make your life a lit...

Fraction Tests

Fraction Tests for Beginning Fraction Concepts from Laura Candler. Common Core aligned with 3rd and 4th grade fraction standards. Includes 3 single-page quick checks and 3 multi-page assessments. $

FREE Comparing Fractions: You will receive 6 fraction task cards focusing on the Common Core skill of comparing fractions. These cards have a fun spaceship and alien theme. Find the alien on each card. You will also receive a fractions student response form and fractions answer key. These fractions math task cards work well in a math center to reinforce Grade 3 fraction skills.

Learning Fractions with Smarties

Fractions with Smarties. 3rd grade This pin is a math worksheet you may use with students in a classroom. You could use this as a center or a whole group activity. Students would love this activity because its is applying math hands on and working with candy.

3rd Grade Common Core Quick Math Review and Center Activity

Review of math skills is vital, but OH MY it does take time! Cut the time needed for math review down to size with this resource made for quick math review. Only four problems on each page help students keep from being overwhelmed. Answers are given in numberous ways, including multiple-choice and drawing. ALL 3rd grade math Common Core standards are addressed in the quick-math sheets. $