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Big Minds: 4 วิธีคิดในชีวิต ให้ใจกับมาสู้

Do not worry little bean, you have grown so much now, and you will grow so much in the future. Keep on being the best bean you can!

Its okay to wait I guess but when you're as impatient as I am its not cool. God I hate waiting but no matter what a person has to wait for everything no matter what it is.. Great health&awesome figure again -stupid surgeries- and *dun dun dun* .. Ryan.. The only man I love w/my Heart&Soul.. sheesh i've never felt this way&he's gone but he can cure me&make me whole again, like I can with him. "I love you baby" U_U .. I misses all that.. I misses all of that.. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

If you&rsquo;re passionate about something, and it makes you happy, then embrace that. :D Of course, do everything in moderation, but I find that I sometimes deny myself simple pleasures like reading because I &ldquo;don&rsquo;t have time&rdquo;.