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    Is it a ball? Is it a furry friend? It's both!


    I miss the 80's

    I had these and I loved these!

    80's toys in rainbow order - this makes me happy

    The Hugga Bunch | 10 Totally Forgotten '80s Girl Toy Lines I still have them, most people don't even know what they are when I talk about them!

    Mon Chi Chi

    55 Toys And Games That Will Make ’90s Girls Super Nostalgic

    pizza hut book it..omg! lol

    Loved these guys

    McDonald McNugget toys- I was never able to collect them all, and now I can't find a single one.


    I remember my Rainbow Brite doll. Loved her so much!

    Quints | 55 Toys And Games That Will Make '90s Girls Super Nostalgic..#80's #90's #Throwback #memories

    Pillow People

    Omg I totally had this toy!

    Pogo Balls. Similar in function to a pogo stick, a Pogo Ball resembles the planet Saturn. Basically, it’s a ball shaped like a figure eight with an octagonal platform around the middle of it (essentially creating a ball on top and bottom). You stand on the platform squeezing the upper ball with your feet and then jump and bounce around to your hearts content or until you pass out from exhaustion.

    the popples!

    I LOVED this thing! Do they still make them??

    have always loved these

    The Ten Most Dangerous Toys. I had most of them and survived. Because of them my childhood was FUN. Let's be honest, a fun parent is one that let's the kid LIVE. NOTHING says "I"M ALIVE" like heading down a slip and slide, gouging chunks out of your underside!!! I'm proud to say I owned all but one on the list! ROCKSTAR!