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All Bed Sizes - A handy chart which displays all the bed sizes and mattress dimensions in the USA.

Standard Bedding Measurements - something to keep in mind when adjusting the sizing or piecing the backing for a quilt

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Glass globe doorknob gives you a view of what lies beyond... the door

Fisheyed Glass Globe Doorknobs - the globe on your end of the door provides a wide-angle view of what's on the other side, which is achieved by collecting and reflecting light soaked up by another globe on the other end.

The dimensions of the A series paper sizes, as defined by ISO 216, are given in the table below in both millimetres and inches (cm measurements can be obtained by dividing mm value by 10). The A Series paper size chart to the right gives a visual explanation of how the sizes relate to each other - for example A5 is half of A4 size paper and A2 is half of A1 size paper.

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San Diego Mattress Man

Mattresses come in a variety of sizes. Here are the dimensions for the most common mattress sizes.

How to decide on your quilt size since there isn't a specific standard on blankets with certain mattress sizes.

:: Havens South Designs :: finds a number of useful charts of human dimensions as they relate to interior and ergonomic design.

Mattress Size Chart | good place to start your project is with a bed size chart such as ...

Soften the floor with the right size rug for under the bed. Here are some tips on rug size and placement in the bedroom.

Master Bedroom Decor Ideas... I always thought it was normal to have a his and hers bedroom... Little did I know... blame it on the classic stories I have read. ESP from the Georgian and Victorian period.