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  • Philip O'Rourke

    A mounted lion cub on display in the specimen pavilion in Beijing, China

  • Ruth Radecki

    If this is a real picture, this is pretty awesome!


    If you're shopping and something catches your eye instantly, respect that instinct. That first reaction is powerful. You must really like that piece of jewellery when you feel that emotion of "I want that." If you love it, buy it. You'll love it every time you put it on.


    butterfly kiss?

  • Wendy Smith

    On May 4, a photographer at the National Zoological Museum of China was able to capture an amazing moment between a curious lion cub and a beautiful butterfly.

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Dog Prayer..."thank you Lord for this warm bed and my little baby sister!"

Rest and cuddling with a close friend you can trust! This fills the soul above the level of pain. I love you!

Dogs are too much for this earth we live in.. if more people were like dogs this place would be a much happier place .♥

Firefighters being awesome… The Holley, N.Y. Fire Department should see this!! Instead they hold a fundraising event killing Squirrels, and giving guns as prizes!

  • Cathy Darnel

    Actually the population has dropped.

  • Jamie Graves

    Wow, I guess it is a good thing that Savanah's parents didn't think the same thing....... :-(

  • Cathy Bayro

    This is y I love firefighters

  • Rachael McCullough

    I remember my dad rescuing cats from trees, dogs from fires, and helping birds near fires. I never undertook why as a little kid, but since I've grown up, have 3 dogs and a cat, and have become a Jr. Firefighter, I've realized its because animals are family, and as for the wild animals, they share our home and help the ecosystem. We never like to see animals get hurt during fires.

  • Rachael McCullough

    *understood not undertook (spell check -.-)

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Your mustache will never be as awesome as this dog’s mustache…love him!!!

Oh my god, this is the funniest!

Another is Welcomed to the Pack

  • Twinkle Night

    Dog: welcome home, Jr. Cat: well, since I`m commander and chief... Dog: who said so! Cat: well you gave me your ``pass down'' lick so.. Dog: oh, right. Cat: Don`t get it twisted!

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Best Friends, so sweet