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  • Bethany Karaman

    side braids for long hair | DIY Hair Tutorials: Lauren Conrad's Loose Side Braid and the No Heat ...

  • Missy Nemeth

    Braided Hair Style: Best Kept Braid Secret via Lauren Conrad

  • Brianna Dobbs

    Adorable loos braid

  • Maria Volkman

    Love braids #Hair Style #girl hairstyle #hairstyle|

  • Lauren Wilbur

    big hair do to the side | Coquette: DIY Hair Tutorials: Lauren Conrad's Loose Side Braid and the ...

  • Anna Dearing

    pretty messy braid #hair

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I love the idea of doing this to my hair, but I have two problems: 1, what the heck do you do in step 5? Seriously, what? and 2, I really don't understand how to work bobby pins. This is why I'm afraid that I'll show up to my friend's wedding with my hair in a ponytail because I don't know what else I can do with it.

Style Me Pretty | GALLERY & INSPIRATION | GALLERY: 9103 | PHOTO: 679529 // If I could do my wedding hair all over again, this would be it.

the pine cone drench barid chignon | ... braided bun' video, but instead of doing a french braid make a dutch

Braid crown for those with medium length hair/hair that doesn't *quite* wrap around. I feel like I should be laughing my evil genius laugh...

1.Tease the hair at ur crown clip it up 2.French braid the rest of your hair in 2 sections-braid horizontally from ur temples back towards the center of your head.Use hair ties to keep the braids in place 3.Unclip the teased section of hair down to where the braids meet.Leave out a small section.Use an elastic to create a ponytail with all of the hair- remove the ties from the braids 4.Use small section of hair out of the ponytail to wrap around the base to hide the elastic band

Braids are always my go to hairstyle.. When I say go to I mean, every single day of my life