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No. Twilight is not awesome. Nor will it ever be awesome. It will fizzle out into nothingness while J.K. Rowling's series will live on in the lives of our children and their children and the many generations to come.

Harry Potter book vs. movie fans. That's why you NEED to read the book!

They actually are their characters.

but the really funny thing is that they had to replace crabbe with a different friend because the actor who played crabbe got arrested...he is blaise

GIVE IT TO ME!!!! --------No seriously, you don't understand. I am 24 years old. But you tell me when and where and I'll be first in line with my glasses and my wand.

Alternate book covers Harry Potter and the philosophers stone

Dobby does love socks. Now, let's all have a moment of silence for his lovely self.

debunking stereotypes... reason #348 why i love Harry Potter.

Those patient Hufflepuffs are true, And unafraid of toil

pinning source said: HARRY POTTER FOR LIFE AND INFINITY(we can also make musicals) <- And we can cause such a huge ruckus the powers that be decided to make more movies just to shut us up.

So many people re-enacted the Platform 9 3/4 barrier scenes... they made this at King's Cross Station :) I wanna go!!!