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      35 Cute Mother and Baby Animals Images | Inspiration

    • Lorie K

      Mother and baby Gerenuk – Samburu National Park, Kenya. The Gerenuk is a small, delicate antelope which lives in the remote desert areas of Northern Kenya and Southern Ethiopia. The elongated neck allows it to browse higher up than other antelopes its size. Gerenuks can often be seen feeding erect – standing on their hind legs.

    • Jessica Pearson

      Gerenuks, a gazelle from East Africa This looks like a giraffe and a deer!

    • Samantha Reed

      Mother and Baby Gerenuk, Kenya by Michael Sheridan: The gerenuk, Litocranius walleri, also known as the Waller's gazelle, is a large eyed, long-necked species of antelope found in dry thorn bush scrub and desert in East Africa. It is known for its ability to balance on its hind legs while extending its long neck to nibble on tasty acacia tree leaves. Suddenly my ill proportioned drawings don't seem all that bad.

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    ✯ HellO Friend ✯


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    Just touched my heart. ♥

    Elephant Mom & Baby. #cute #animals #mom #baby. #cute #animals #mom and baby. #cute #elephants