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    Income inequality (Note: OK to talk about in "quiet rooms")

    • Monte Asbury

      Excellent visualization of average income of the very rich compared to the middle quintile in constant dollars since 1979.

    • Leslie Blake

      Top 1% have increased avg. income by one million middle quintile has increased income by ten thousand

    • Rosebud -- Kimberly F

      romney dont wanna talk about: Income inequality (Note: OK to talk about in "quiet rooms")

    • Deepend

      ThinkProgress Income inequality (Note: OK to talk about in "quiet rooms")

    • Tanya Oemig

      Average after-tax income in constant dollars, 1979-2007

    • Gary Somers

      Income distribution

    • DiJavante Albert

      income inequality

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    Shares of Market Income, 1979 and 2007 (pre-transfers/pre-tax income share of the top 1% has increased most profoundly)

    Overall federal income tax rates on millionaires, 1993-2009

    Real after-tax income of the top 1% has risen about 275%

    So true!!

    Just some of Obama's accomplishments, although I wouldn't call these his top 10.

    How not to get burned on Victoria Day - The Globe and Mail

    Fox lost their news license in Canada because you can't lie if you are a news organization in Canada! Why can't we have that here! Vote all republicans OUT!

    Gee, ya think?

    Good news

    One in Four millionaires pays lower taxes than millions of average Americans

    Fox News Cult

    LOL...Room Full of Douchebags...#WarOnWomen #Religion

    Rich people...

    The bad news is you've got advanced-stage humans.

    I Don't Think 'Middle Class' Means What Politicians Think It Means... I just love a good infographic.

    We all too often have socialism for the rich and rugged free market capitalism for the poor.

    Remember the victims, not the shooter. PLEASE REPIN THIS TO YOUR BOARD WITH THE MOST FOLLOWERS #203strong


    This is why we need fighting Dems in the house, not conservative ones.

    Ronald Reagan advocating closing loopholes that allow millionaires to escape paying middle class tax rates