to the tee!

Scary accurate...

All true except I don't write fan fiction.. They scare me

Most of these are true

Things to do!

WAIT THERE ARE JUST GIRLY THING POSTS THAT ARE ACTUALLY RELATABLE AND NOT STUPID WHAAAAAAAAA i take back what i said (but the parodies are still funny sorry.....)

I'm just a girl.

Pretty accurate... Woah lol

"And That's Who I Am♥❤ So true

appreciating life.

Wise words

I find this horribly degrading towards women. I can think of much better statements that portray what it means to be a woman than "I push doors that say pull" and "I count on my fingers in math." Eww.

Just because you’re mad…

i knew they were meant for something, now i know what!

Find them all the time <3


You saved me from a life of searching for you... I'm so happy we found each other and can begin our life together!!!

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Okay - "semi-profound thoughts" for this one. 20 Rules a Woman Should Live By - some of these I love, some are okay, but all in all, good advice.