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I have to make these for all the kids in my guys classes for the end of year gifts. my-to-do-list-ideas

A is for Astronaut - the cutest lesson! Letter of the week plans - What they did for each letter of the alphabet

A week of learning activities to do with preschoolers

Montessori Inspired Botany for kids, Hands on Learning, Science, Gardening, Botany Printables, Plant lessons, Natural Learning, www.naturalbeachl...

Playdough Bug Fossils So cute for Apolobia Zoology 1 #homeschool science, bug craft, preschool craft, #preschool

childrens play area :):)

Now here is an idea for those of us with the massive children's book collection: Use paint stirrer sticks with a sticker affixed to keep the books organized by author or subject.

I wish I could have this for my home visits!!!! I love the balance board! I have seen it used in a Pre K setting and the children LOVED it. Play some soothing music and the children just sway back and forth and learn how to was awesome.

Waldorf Inspired Kids Wooden Rooster and Hens Play Toy Set

Counting Flowers Set for Toddlers and Children, Montessori, Waldorf. $7.00, via Etsy.

Story Stones; Kids pull out a stone and tell a story based on the picture.

color shade matching idea

leaf babies, I would have flipped for these as a little girl during my "fairy" stage! Heck, I still would!

Our tree house made from off cuts and hot glue - still going strong a year later

magic wand made of a natural branch or a straight wood stick and a felted star

A beautiful twist on sewing or lacing practice. Drill holes in a wood scrap, sand smooth, and use with twine or jute for a Montessori activity with natural materials that will look and feel wonderfully interesting.

beautiful baskets

"Classics" doesn't quite cover it. These are the books your kids will wear out from reading over and over and over again.

Sewing for kids -- Come see how my 3 year old practices increasing levels of difficulty in his sewing skills, and where we need more practice right now. We used this brilliant book as our guide! (

Insects activities for Toddlers and free printable pack by Welcome to Mommyhood

5 Messy Sensory Bins for Babies and Toddlers - Ideas for sensory bins that are safe for children who still mouth everything. These bins are MESSY! Links to the importance of messy play, tips for messy play and laundry tips in this post. sounds like fun for Grace @Crystal Chou Tousignant

Playdough ideas for every month of the year.

Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds: Preschool Memory Books. So cute! I want to do this for preschool AND cubbies❤️

Need a book for your 2-3 year old? Select a favorite from these titles, perfect for that child in your life!