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Quality Handcrafted Bullet Jewelry, Bullet Shells with Sterling Silver and Genuine Gemstones

Totally Awesome Goods - Bullet Bracelet with Glass Beads, Blue, $46.00 (www.totallyawesom...)

not sure about the bullet part - like the gem part!

quartz in bullet shells.... I like how I made bullet necklaces years ago, and now it's so popular. Nice.

Beautifully Etched Bullet Casing Earrings Pink by wingsnscales, $22.00

Bullet casings with crystals in them. They're repurposed into jewelry.

and where are my bullet shell casings????

Bullet Casing Jewelry - Winchester 30 06 Brass Bullet Casing Necklace with Czech Glass Amethyst Bullet Tip

Bullet Necklace Bullet Jewelry Shell case by SecretGardenNotes, $34.00

Bullet Jewelry Necklace Bullet Casing Necklace by ScarlettSage, $38.50