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  • silvana gomez

    Funny Animals

  • Dorie Hughes

    The Praying Mantis is a natural Kung Fu Fighter.They can turn their head side to side 180 degrees. They can see your every move.

  • Sally Stang

    Praying mantis: He's either saying "Praise the Lord!" or "Back off, mutha!"

  • Lillian R

    #praying mantis #dances so happy! #cute #animals

  • V. G.

    Animals in action (27 photos)

  • Amy Flynn

    A Praying Mantis HAPPY DANCE! Happy happy Boogie Bug! :-D

  • Lori Kuder

    When people think of insect food, they often fixate on blood feeding insects or carrion feeding insects - insects like mosquitoes and flies. The most common pet insect food is neither of these because these types of insects aren't ideal to keep. In this post we'll look at one species of exotic pet insects - the praying mantis.

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