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    • Nicole Reboredo

      Seriously lol why do I continue to try why do I love my whole family so much that I put myself out there and speak up about what everyone says on the down low.... I'm not scared of you the reason I keep quite around family is because it's polite dumbass! I'm not ghetto like you! Everyone has seperate reason for just disliking you as a person so stop trying to blame me. Because truth is people tell me stories about things you did to them so I just laugh and listen... I don't need to talk about u!

    • Sean Kelley

      every now and then these make me laugh really hard for some reason

    • Jaimie Ocariza

      haha!! This happens to me alot while i am on the phone.. :)

    • Miranda McNulty

      Ha stupidest thing I've ever heard #funny #humor #ecard

    • Angie March

      I laughed a little too hard at this one. Too true.

    • Scott Kania

      e cards | Absolutely Madness | Page 9

    • Carrie Garland

      i hate talking on the phone LOL

    • Megan McSparrin

      this made me giggle. outloud.

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    I don't have a baby but that's funny!



    My patience is wearing thin. And by 'wearing thin' I mean you are one smart-ass comment away from being bitch slapped so hard Google won'.

    I'm sure 99.9% are lies.


    Oh, sorry about that long pause... I was just trying to hang myself with the phone cord. Ecard


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    I'm gonna need you to...

    Mwahahaha exactly.

    i feel like that some days


    Someecards Maybe not those exact words but, yes the idea is the same. LOL!