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best comeback.

nickthejam: “ Then don’t join my fan club bitch. ” this was funny to me

Hahahahahaha, except I don't need wine to fuck up the English language!!

So funny! Love these funny cards! Have another glass of wine!

We are going to Hell in Gasoline Underwear for what we just said about her ugly baby.

Going to Hell in gasoline underwear! That's so funny! Not so much the ugly baby thing.no baby is ugly lol

4:50 pm mwf

5:01pm every work day

exactly how I felt at the end of work today. Fuck this shit i'm out


Funny Baby Ecard: The government is NOT your babies daddy. So get a job or don't have kids if you can't afford it on your own!

@Joanna Paredes ... this reminds me of you saying you can scrape off some "beauty" with your credit card LOL

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You should eat makeup so you're pretty on the inside too.haha so funny

Hi Darling. Your crazy is showing. You might want to tuck that back in.

I can do darling. and I certainly do Crazy. Thanks for putting me in check : )