DG Oakill Photography

This photo has geometric lines with many stripes being present in the image. The buildings in the background along with the sidewalk have black and white stripes which give the image many straight, geometric lines.

Stanley Kubrick. 1940's New York City.

Stanley Kubrick's Photos of 1940s New York City

photographs by stanley kubrick look magazine life in new york Walking the Streets of New York – 1946

Ho Fan: Her Study, 1963.  Remarkable photograph.

Powerful Black and White Photos of Hong Kong in the and - My Modern Met Chinese photographer Fan Ho 's Hong Kong Yesterday

circus animals on 33rd street a troupe of elephants and a zebra walk down 33rd street in manhattan, hearlding the arrival of ringling brothers and barnum  bailey circus, nyc, 1968. photo by otto bettmann.

"Circus Animals on Street. A troupe of elephants and a zebra walk down Street in Manhattan, New York City, heralding the arrival of Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus. April Photo by Otto Bettmann.

Line, positive/negative space | architecture pattern | surface pattern design

I think this photo is very cool because it looks like someone used photoshop to just reflect the image when in reality it is clear shadows from the "roof" at the top

Tamachi, Tokyo, 2012 (via Shin Noguchi)

dramatic, high-contrast black-and-white photo of Tamachi, Tokyo, 2012 (via Shin Noguchi).