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Here is a massive list of the best Windows 10 Apps available in the Windows App Store. We put together this collection of Windows 10 apps to help users get started with using the new operating system. The list features touch friendly apps that can be used on your Microsoft Surface Pro and other Windows Tablets. This list is sure to contain many apps you already use. Hopefully the list also contains some Windows 10 apps you may have missed.


Windows 10 has so many new features that we couldn't even cover them all with one article. From keyboard shortcuts to revamped search functions and all-new window gestures, Microsoft definitely piled on the fresh functionality in the latest version of their operating system. To get you up to date on all of the latest changes, this second installment of our Windows 10 Tips & Tricks series will cover all of the lesser-known and newly-discovered unique functionality that Windows 10 has to offer...

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Check out all important computer keyboard shortcuts such as Basic Key shortcuts, MS Office Keyboard shortcuts, Microsoft Windows shortcuts, Excel shortcuts, Winkey shortcuts, and Outlook shortcut keys.

Windows 10 combines the best of Windows 7 with the innovations of Windows 8. Here's how to use it to the fullest.

This handy guide lists every Windows key shortcut in Windows 10. It’s ready to print or view offline--and we made it better.

Use Windows 10’s Secret Taskbar to Navigate Like a P

Cortana (From the Halo video game franchise) is coming with Windows 10! We're sure hoping it comes to the Android Platform some time later on!