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The use of area is interesting as it situates the smaller object (arches representing the amphitheater) against the ground (large cloud shapes representing the open sky). Then using uniform connectedness, similarity, and continuation the design extends the arches into the foreground representing the audience experience.

The Olympics logo employs uniform connectedness and similarity to create a unified gestalt. Each ring in the logo is a different color which creates visual tension. Very appropriate for an organization that invites different nations to compete in the context of celebrating the beautiful intersection of difference and commonality.

The Hartford Logo: interesting use of area and color–the figure is a mature, alert elk peering out at the horizon, the name of the company is in the same color as the figure which relates the two visually. The ground is a series of curved lines representing hills in the distance. Combined with the text in the same color it conveys a sense of experience and successful survivorship.