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Val do Sosego Albarino 2010

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"Never pass up a Layer Cake"

Not for the newbie wine drinker. Click through for a full review!

Not your Mama's boxed wine!

Snobby Wine Words: A hint of lemon butter, with the slightest whisper of an oak finish. (Click for full review!)

At $7.99, Janna gives this 3.5 stars. So not a "great" budget wine. But a good one.

If you are looking for a heavier bodied Chardonnay, you’ll want to go back to one that is aged in oak. This is a medium bodied wine that’s dry and crisp, not full and oaky. Click for our full review! @MomsWhoNeedWine

Castillo de Jumilla, Montrasell

$10 USD Snobby Wine Words: Dark in color, tangy in flavor with a lingering finish. Full-bodied, with great Spanish terroir.

Notes: "Just make sure you don’t tell your father how much the wine cost, because he’s totally the type of person who thinks that expensive equals quality, and if you tell him this is under $8 he’ll complain that it tastes like crap even though he doesn’t know from good wine because he mostly drinks vodka anyway. Just tell him it’s French and you ordered it from a specialty shop in New York and let him be hella impressed with how refined and fancy you’ve become."

MommyJuice! (Need we say more?) Oh, except that it's DELICIOUS.

Drink When: You really need to impress someone. Notes: "It’s one of those wines that tastes way more expensive than it actually is, but here’s the kicker: even if your hostess is famed Wall Street Journal wine writer Lettie Teague herself, you can happily and proudly stand by your bottle. Why? Beringer Founder’s Estate Merlot is listed in no less than the Sotheby’s Wine Encyclopedia as “one of the very best wines” when it comes to California merlots."

MommyJuice!!! And it's delicious! $10

From GaryVee: Easily one of the best under $10 wines I have had. Raspberry jam a hint of cured meat, black pepper, spice, tea pot and a luscious juicy mouth feel.