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  • Chelsea Hunt

    lion love ft. quote <3

  • Kasey Roberts

    Animal attraction, lion love <3

  • Tony Searl

    You can’t milk the romanticism of relationship too long as you become more conscious. It’s more interesting than that. It really is. And people want to romanticize their lives all the time. It’s part of the culture. But the awakening process starts to show you the emptiness of that forum. And you start to go for something deeper. Luceat Lux Vestra: The Idea of Soul Mates.

  • Just Maya

    Big Cat Love

  • Melissa Chavez (Temple)

    animal love | 30 Charming Animals in Love Pictures | Digital Photography Magazine

  • NBC LA

    Two very cute, cuddly creatures. #lions #bigcats #cuddles #love #creatures #animals #zoo #zoobabies

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"You gotstes a lil' food right der. Leme get it for u"

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What an absolutely gorgeous animal. I love big cats, especially lionesses. :)

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