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Don't know how long this would last, but the words RV have to be involved. #BucketList #Camping #Camp

Feel confident in a bikini. (Hopefully sooner than later!)

Just ONE summer... I'd LOVE to look like I actually spent time outside... haha

Check, I've done this! But, not in a LONG time & I wanna do it again someday! Pacsun + VS bikinis = LOVE ♥

I have to admit that there are many of these that I would (and didn't) have on my Bucket List, but when I see one that I've actually completed, I just have to pin it (well some of them). Camping and spending long summer and fall days at parks or forest preserves was a regular family event for Ray and I, and our 3 kids. This happened many times.

Everyday for a week in Mission Beach, a week in Laguna Beach & a week in Bonita Springs, FL beach house during Easter 2011. BEACH BLESSED!

Already done. Coolest thing ever ♥ seriously this is what I do with my summer. go on crazy adventures, doing and seeing some of the most amazing things in the world ♥. Anyone up for going with me this summer??

Outside activity this summer! Messy Twister?? Wow, what a concept!! Sounds perfect for the lake!!