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Four States Are Responsible For ONE FOURTH Of America's Uninsured. Is Yours One Of Them?

I am from Upstate New York... and living in Florida now... but LOVE our beautiful state and have lived here for several years now... I do NOT like what our elected IDIOTS are doing. Just please offer me my condolences that I have to deal with it/them!!

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Here's how Obamacare is doing in your state

Obamacare is a story of 50 states. It doesn't really matter how the entire nation does in terms of enrollment; success or failure instead comes down to how each state's exchange fares. the success...

Wendy Davis announces run for Texas governor saying, “This is a campaign not just for governor of our state but for the very future of our state.”


The states with the biggest Obamacare struggles spent years undermining the law

States struggling with Obamacare have been and are undermining the law

Obamacare Is Working: It is working in states that have followed the essential design of the Affordable Care Act, particularly in Kentucky, Connecticut, Washington and California. The law was written with states’ rights and state responsibilities in mind. States that created their own health care exchanges — and especially those that did this while also expanding Medicaid coverage — are providing health insurance to tens of thousands of happy customers, in so many cases for the first time.