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  • Ellen Tsang

    Beautiful science: Welcome Awards

  • Catherine Fulton

    Wonderful Microscopic Images from the Natural World Seen On

  • Afshin Koupaei

    Zebrafish retina KARA CERVENY, STEVE WILSON'S LAB, UCL This photomicrograph shows the retina from the eye of a three-day-old zebrafish (Danio rerio). Zebrafish are small tropical freshwater fish that are widely used in scientific research. The retina is viewed here from the front, as if the viewer is looking directly into the eye of the fish. This image is of the whole eye, created by reflecting half the image across its origin to represent the naturally occurring perfect symmetry observed in the zebrafish.

  • Science Nerd

    This unusual image is a bright field photomicrograph of a three-day-old zebrafish retina. This is a lateral view of the whole zebrafish eye, (analogous to looking directly into ones eye from the front). The image shows the lens in the centre surrounded by retinal stem cells in red and differentiating neurons in purple. The symmetrical nature of this image was achieved by reflecting the top half of the image across the origin. This is representative of true data as the zebrafish retina is very sy

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