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If there's an ounce of excitement...jump

"The only comfort I've ever known my whole life has been music. Idk what I would do without it"

*copy paste copy paste* the girls next to them are the same way

You are not your behavior. It's hard to change ourselves, it's much easier to change a behavior

My life is complete I can die happy now bye. Cosplayer: @KumaQiii He is so beautiful I want to meet him

when u dont think any version of kaneki could get hotter and ishida just

Yeah my heart didn't just break as I attempt to hug all three of my dogs now

omfg girls who do this are actually blessings

It is currently 12:55 and I have finished re-watching Free, and Yuri on Ice, i want to go outside and be athletic and shout WHAT A LIFE