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I want to talk about what happened without mentioning how much it hurt. There has to be a way. To care for the wounds without reopening them. To name the pain without inviting it back into me. - If There’s A Way Out I’ll Take It, Lora Mathis

I’ll receive silence from you as though it were a letter, — CAROLE SATYAMURTI, FROM “ON NOT WRITING A LETTER FROM IONA,” IN LOVE AND VARIATIONS

"You have to be odd, to be number one." I'm just a person who is chronically depressed and addicted to games. Keep on living friends, you can beat your worst struggles, I am. This blog is primarily a distraction for myself from myself.

Poor impulse control and a dream with no boundaries. Nightmares that numb the touch. Words with copious amounts of venom. Sugar sweet memories splattered with dried tears. That's what I'm made of.

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