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#world #news UNHCR: Ukrainian couple living with HIV beat the odds to build stable family life #freeSuschenko #FreeUkraine

BBC is one of my go-to networks for global current affairs coverage. I especially love its Africa Business Report, a monthly look at business trends in Africa.

One-minute World News

Watch the latest news summary from BBC World News. International news updated 24 hours a day.

Taking action.

"The government has recommended everyone to stay indoors and not t-" I had enough of these news. They're almost as depressing as the news during World War II.

YOU'VE GONE TOO FAR: Eastern Europe makes five demands to block EU superstate

THE European Union appeared more fractured than ever today after a powerful group of eastern states laid down a series of demands over migration and the economy.

How a High School Teacher Is 'Gamifying' World News

A high school teacher is on a mission to make world news and geopolitics relevant to his students through a Fantasy Football-inspired game.

Zuckerberg Supports Vile Thing Muslims Do As Anthem Is Played [PICS]

Earth Codes. Our images are of earth yet look closely … do you see the inherent spirit guides, earth’s codes that speak silently? From the hills of Sedona, caves in Australia, gardens in Fiji. Images are photographed anywhere beauty and Spirit resides. There are no enhancements/manipulation to create these intrinsic characters. Photos contain the Spirit of nature and the fractal imagery that is found in it, processed by the brain and often not detected by the naked eye.