Victorian ventriloquist dummies--Creepy!!

Ok, thats REALLY creepy!!!

Stop it.

Incredibly Disconcerting Vintage Portraits of Ventriloquists and their Dummies. Some of these are downright scary and might have inspired horror movies. My brother used to be a ventriloquist, but his dummies were funny, not frightening.

*Even in the "old days" they took weird family photos

THEY WERE PAINTED ON OVER THE ORIGINAL EYES. Those aren't contact lenses, folks.

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Scary Halloween clown mask

this goes *way* beyond creepy

that doll is CREEPY

Madam Violet, queen of the notoriously dark Edinburgh vampire hive, was twice voted Most Scary Woman in the UK - in 1882 and 1884.



Charles E Brown, Ventriloquist.



A room full of creepy dummies and yet somehow the ventriloquist and his special monkey are the creepiest

Glowing Creepy Clown Adult Costume California Costumes

Plague Masks. Creepy on so many levels...