Watercolor initials. Consider this a must do!

Salt & Watercolor Painting

Paint over Masking tape and then peel off! #rainbow #painting

watercolor initials

Kid Craft

Simple Watercolor Monogrammed Art #Preschool #Homeschool

Going to do this for Claire's Big Girl room using her initials! FINALLY some decoration ideas!

Melted crayon stained glass is an awesome craft for kids. These works of art looks really great.

Decorate paper lollipops with the letter L.

Painters tape for the letter...remove later. And just put watercolors all over the paper or canvas. Riley would enjoy this!

Blowing Trees: Paint the background first and let dry. Use a straw to blow brown paint around the paper to create the trunk and branches. Then use a Qtip to dot on random flower and leaf buds. Click link for more detailed instructions :)

Love this idea....add acrylic paint to Elmer's to make colored glue. Make shapes out of the glue. Let dry. Then, watercolor inside the shapes. Glitter glue would sure be fun with this too.

kid crafts

Spring crafts for kids

A paper plate butterfly craft for kids -- a great summer activity and especially beautiful with marbled paper plates!

Paper Plate Minion - Kid Craft

Lemon juice on watercolor paintings = fun shapes to draw around. Art Projects for Kids

Leaves using black glue and watercolors.