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pteridophyta- unlike mosses, they have xylem and phloem (making them vascular plants). they have stems, leaves, and roots like other vascular plants. ferns reproduce via spores (as shown here on the back of the leaf) and have neither seeds nor flowers.

African Kuba cloth, natural woven raffia fiber with embroidery design. Handmade.

handmade African Kuba cloth - natural woven raffia fiber with embroidery design

voiceofnature: Mushroom landart by Jill Bliss - Jijilechat

luna-intheforest: voiceofnature: Mushroom landart by Jill Bliss ✨


Inspirational Patterns that can be interpreted by The Art Mosaic Factory and be created into a custom

Mmm can you smell that?

Incorporate some evergreen foliage into the centerpieces. Selections From Natural Companions By Ken Druse, Botanical. - Scanner Photography By Ellen Hoverkamp

Le Nouveau Monde selon Musefraisedesbois

Oxidation-Reduction Reaction: reactions involving the transfer of electrons…


In New Zealand, the unfurling fern frond is a symbol for spiritual growth. Such a life changing experience for me - traveling to New Zealand on my own. I want this symbol as a tattoo.


Colourful baskets for sale at the local markets at Axum, Ethiopia by Adam Lees Photography