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JOCELYN EISHELLE RODRIGUEZ " I'm a licensed cosmetologist so I do hair & makeup professionally, but hair is what I have a bigger fashion for."

JOCELYN EISHELLE RODRIGUEZ "I love fashion so much so I like to put outfits together just for the fun of it."

JOCELYN EISHELLE RODRIGUEZ "As far as my fashion photos.. that's just me doing my own thing, having fun with it."

JOCELYN EISHELLE RODRIGUEZ "I'm just doing what I love to do.. and that's hair, makeup, and fashion. I may not be a professional when it comes to modeling, but I can still look like one I suppose. I don't have the height or experience, but I do have that interest for art and fashion... and I like to show it through my personal style. I would love to know that I inspire other ladies out there!"

JOCELYN EISHELLE RODRIGUEZ "I see that people really like the stuff I share too so that gives me a better reason to keep posting my looks."

JOCELYN EISHELLE RODRIGUEZ "Confidence is definitely what makes any girl fly, in my opinion. Confidence allows you to express yourself through your style more freely."

JOCELYN EISHELLE RODRIGUEZ "Men with bold unique style.That's what I love. Now I know I'm a woman, but I can still pull that inspiration and tweak it into a feminine twist that's fashionable too!"

JOCELYN EISHELLE RODRIGUEZ "I don't purchase many magazines but if I find them laying around, I get really into them and can't stop reading magazine is one of my absolute faves."